This blackout must end now By Olajide Oladipupo


Times are hard with us in Ondo south as electricity which should be our common heritage has been put off leading to collapse of our economy, educational and health sectors. We now tether on the brink of an abysm threatening to consume our lives fast. Now we have come to ask ourselves: Are we slaves in the land of our fathers?

The answer is no! We are once proud men and women endowed with basic human rights but embarrassingly led over the years by inept leaders of dubious character. How can we survive the onslaught of darkness when our so called leaders have sacrificed our welfare on the altar of corruption and ineptitude? This is the very reason we must rise up to speak. It is only a slave who has no say in the issue concerning his destiny. But we are not slaves but a free people.

Somehow, our people have been deceived that the privatization of electricity will be a cure or panacea for the black out menace. They got it terribly wrong!

While privatization might work in some other economically buoyant lands; it can never under the present situations work here in this country. The reason for this is simple. You can never successfully privatise an entity that is not mature for privatization. Come to think of it. How does a rational leader privatise the distribution of electricity whose megawatts are poorly generated and grossly lacking in basic infrastructure of transmission?

Yet President Jonathan went ahead with some sort of shoddy privatization. A country should only privatise a sector as crucial as electricity only if such deal is going to improve the the welfare of the masses. No sensible government can abdicate her responsibility and succeed. Because when you privatise, you give up responsibility into the hands of private investors whose major motivation is profit making. So the government must first provide infrastructure in a country like Nigeria, so investors will not compel masses to pay through the noses. Hence, the privatization Jonathan made was not only criminal but an affront and direct attack unleashed on the masses in an attempt to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Now; it is worse in the south of Ondo state that has been without light for half a decade. Here Mimiko who had already displayed his hatred for the people of Ondo south connived with another ready Ondo south hater, Funke Osibodu to unleash a hegemonic onslaught against our people. Mimiko for good eight years refused to touch the Okitipupa-Irele road until Akeredolu’s government came up. The OOPC was destroyed and Oluwa Glass was brazenly sold at an open-day bazaar. So, the black out issue with us is a multiplicities of terrible causes!

Now; we say enough is enough. Something drastic must be done. Or else, I foresee total paralysis of events as people are likely to press home them grievances with the mood on ground.

JAN Olajide Oladipupo; the Secretary General of the IKALE UNITED FRONT is the Media Assistant to the Chairman of Okitipupa Local Government

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