Theft: Bakery worker grabs co-worker who stole his ATM card during attempt to withdraw


By Olusegun Desmond 

In what turned out to be a mild drama, Mr Rasheed Olayinka has nabbed a co-worker Sesan Orisade in an attempt to withdraw cash sum with his (Olayinka) stolen ATM card. 

The drama played out yesterday in one of the new generation banks in Akure. 

Olayinka had noticed his ATM card was missing and opted for a swift complain in the bank and the possibility of a subsequent blockage of the card. 

Sooner had he gotten to the entrance of the bank than he received debit alerts of cash transactions on his phone.

He said, “As I was approaching the bank gate, I began to receive debit alert which got me more worried and apprehensive as I approached the bank gate, another debit alert entered my phone again, I nearly ran mad but I summoned courage to proceed into the bank.”

He continued, “At the bank, I looked at the bank gallery, I saw someone I know making withdrawal. I know he doesn’t have bank account. 

“So I waited patiently for him to make more withdrawal. I ran at him and shouted his name, and I reported to the bank security men who later helped me to apprehend him” .

The culprit, Sesan Orisade and the victim are both staff of Omoluabi Bakery in Akure. 

While Rasheed works as a Master Baker in the bakery, Sesan is an apprentice who was just employed some days ago .

Rasheed further disclosed that the money stolen was part of the salary he had been saving for months .

When asked how the culprit could have succeeded in knowing his ATM pin code, he explains, “I am not very literate and my friends advised me to write the code somewhere, which I did, not knowing that Sesan has gotten the knowledge of it.”

The culprit was later handed over to police for further investigation.

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