Sunshine Herald, a milestone for greater accomplishments


By Todimu Ogunade

It took awhile to scribble down my thoughts as I pondered on the journey that has been covered by many flaws yet graced with an endurance to damn the odds and keep growing despite the high tides of challenges.

In a community where change is clamoured for, and the liberating effect of change is preached, Sunshine Herald has kept a steady pace for local contents in Ondo state.

On a personal note, my inability to succumb to mediocrity as far as the media world is concerned, has paid off in a good and productive way. As an amateur, the learning process has been life changing.

With a team of lustrous, innovative and hardworking minds, Editor, Mr Tosin Oluwalowo, Mr Babatunde Alao, Asst. Editor, these people have impacted greatly the skills needed to cope with in the media world within the space of months.

Despite the woes and challenges, which I believe is necessary for a growing organization, Sunshine Herald has covered weeklies from small rural communities to larger towns which of course is centered on the integral part of local life.

It has also generated chronicled events from the mundane to the monumental and kept a more or less watchful eye on those in positions of power right from the administration of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

The celebration for Sunshine Herald as it makes its first mark, lies on one major factor which is change. The journey has just begun…the journey where a team of people will continue to represent their areas by helping people imagine themselves as part of a community that is connected in part through their shared local news medium.

So, as we wax in the euphoria of celebration, It is important to keep channeling our focus on what lies ahead and what really counts- CHANGE.

The famous award winning rapper and music artist  Curtis Jackson also known as 50 Cent once said and I quote

“When we pray for success, we do not pray for jealousy, envy or entitlement but they come with it.You will lose some people, don’t be afraid of CHANGE.”

In a highly competitive world, as a budding journalist, my sincere thoughts for this evolving organization is this, to keep educating the public about the real value of solid and reliable information through our cool digital tools. Productivity and Uniqueness is key.

The journey surely continues!

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