Sunshine Herald hits the first mark!!! 


When I picked up that copy of “Inside Lekki”, a community focused newspaper printed to service Lekki and its environs in Lagos, one thing went through my mind – that was replicating something like that within my own community. 

That was sometime in 2015, after which I shared the idea with Joel Ogunsola and plans set in motion.

Days passed, nights came, myself and Joel never stopped researching how best to hit the ground running.

Long story short, on August 1, 2016 12:00pm, we finally hit the ground running.

The date marked the birth of something remarkable for us as we went ‘internet live’ on

Beyond our expectations, the acceptance we received was encouraging.

With the help of the ever dependable Temitope Yakubu-Olumoke, work was fun every day, servicing our readers with up-to-date information about news and happenings in Ondo state.

Within a short time, we became the non-stop site for information concerning the 2016 governorship election in Ondo state.

There is this one thing we can confidently say which is that we were proud of throughout the electioneering process till now is the we can never be accused of being ever biased or serving the interest of any set of people.

We have in the last one year made our loyalty only to our readers.

We have through our journey of the last one year, put learning the fore, even as we pursue our journalism experience while serving our audience.

We anticipate more jaws dropping feats even in years to come.

Hurray Sunshine Herald is ONE!!!

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  1. Congratulations! I’m happy you made this great idea come true. Please, ensure that you are unbiased and professional in your reportage. I am a loyal reader and would continue to be. Once again, Happy 1 Year Anniversary.


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