“Overcoming the Fear of Vested Interest”


Listening to the TEDx talk by the former Central Bank of Nigeria, Governor now a Royal Father, the Emir of Kano, His Eminence Sanusi II, with the topic “overcoming the fear of vested interest”, how true all he shared on the talk, I cannot prove, but one thing was sure, he spoke the facts about what we all know and are doing nothing about.  If there is a sentence that stroke a cord with me, it is the line we all have used one time or the other; “Nigeria, a country with potentials”, and since 1960 will have remained at the potential level. Are we not worried about that? How long should we allow our state to remain a site for rent seekers? How long should we allow those in power lie to our faces, and get us divided, taking sides with looters. 

These people in power benefit from the poverty and suffering in the country and divides us on the line of religion and clans.  When the former GMD of NNPC. Andrew Yakubu said all the money gotten from his house were gifts, people were surprised, that is just the truth, and the NNPC has been a site for rent for both local and foreign barons. That is while most people go into diabolic means just to work at the NNPC (I am sure, they are few honest people there).  
After the 2015 elections Nigerians thought they will have a release from the powers of the cabals aka vested interest, nay it has not happened yet, looks like we fell into the hands of another smaller but stronger cabals. However we must not give up on the project called Nigeria, like Sanusi said in the video, it is time to take Nigeria woes, sector by sector and address them. The question is what are you doing in your corner to change Nigeria? It is time to start fighting corruption one block at a time. 
Despite a change in system where, we felt integrity will be a precedent, lo and behold our Father (President Buhari) was sick, and vested interest came into play, first some that feels his continues stay in power affects them wished him dead, while the second power group of those benefiting from his continued stay in power lied to over 180 million people that he is fine and just resting, and to support their views, sent still pictures across the internet and National TV and same group of people came back asking Nigerians to pray for quick recovery of same. So the question is do you pray for somebody hale and hearty, to get better? Anyone can be sick and none should be ashamed that they are sick. But for how long should be operating a system of lie, all because of vested interest. Thanks to God the President is back and the politics has begun, again hired mob of street children for the past three days have been sent to the street in the name of rejoicing on the return of Mr President, without the President addressing the Nation and speaking of his health conditions and if he is truly fit to continue. The Old man deserves better, not the stress and manipulation going on over his health and ability to rule. I say it without apology there is are better hands than MR President. Whatever way it plays out, I wish our Father well and hope they allow him to go home and enjoy his retirement in peace.     
For the young people, 2019 is by the corner, do we think it is time to get a truly patriotic, qualified young Nation builder into Aso Rock?
I already hear of a powerful Northern leader, mobilising across the country young people to work for him, to achieve is long dream of being the President of Nigeria.  I thought they say democracy is power to the people; why is that of Nigeria power to the people, but not all the power.  
It is time for we the people to take back our country, begin by educating your neighbours on the danger of taking side with looters and politicians that only knows our troubles when it is election period. Also make up your mind to be honest and work in integrity either as a private or public workers or business person. Time to overcome vested interest, before it kill’s us all!

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