Ondo First lady advocates for female inheritance to mark international women’s day

By Todimu Ogunade

The Ondo state First Lady, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu has advocated for the rights of women to own properties.

She made this known while speaking on “The Nigerian Woman and their right to inherit property”  at a one-day workshop for the Forum for Wives of Ondo State Officials (FOWOSO ) to mark the International Women’s Day Celebration.

“Currently, the system of inheritance in Nigeria is the one that is still extremely patriarchal and discriminatory against women; both wives and children. Inheritance to a large extent is still determined based on the customs of the deceased person’s tribe and most customs base inheritance and succession on a patrimonial system.

This to a large extent only allows for succession to transfer fully into the possession of a male child. Even in circumstances where a female child or a wife is permitted to inherit property; those rights still remain heavily constrained. While we try to effect change in social and cultural aspects of inheritance, we would concurrently be looking for a stronger legislation and policies to protect female inheritance in Nigeria. The current protections under the law and the protections provided by the use of wills will also be explored and encouraged.

As women, it is important that we key into such activities that enable us to achieve gender parity. We must continue to press for progress in every social, economic and political field possible. The ability to inherit provides economic and social welfare rights for women just as it does for men and this is the progress that we seek.”

The guest speaker, Mr Kehinde Adegbite noted that women have rights to their husband’s property and that Nigeria is in a period of total advocacy for equality and relegation of women being underrepresented.

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