Nigeria: Country where public fund is a smorgasbord

By Chibuzor Oshodi

Everyday we stray away from the good part and we are headed towards a declination era. We use this common sayings “man must survive” to back and justify our immorality.

There appears to be a general agreement that the workforce of a nation Is directly proportional to a nation’s progressive direction. However, it will be so naïve of us to think the two reforms by themselves are solutions to all our problems.

The attitude of Nigerians (especially the ones holding a public office) is very critical to the substantial development of this country. The constitution itself are just collections of ordinary rules and norms which are set to ensure the good and peaceful cohabitation and coexistence of the citizens.

The constitution is just merely an agreed rule by the lawmakers and the people piloting the affairs of this great nation. These set of rules are just made for the common citizens while the rich and influential politicians get away with whatever bad they do(seems they have their own separate rules governing their actions). They know their ways around the people behind the judiciary system and this makes them the dictators and decider of what happens in the country since it appears they are well above the law. They have the police and judiciary system in their pockets.

So it easy to say that the problem of this country is not just about leadership. For leadership clearly outlined as the deliberate and selfless handwork to keep the group, institution or a nation well functioning in order to be able to enjoy the dividend of presiding over such collection.

In which case, implicates what we have in our country today. Public office holders fight for their pockets and fulfil their own selfish desires leaving the country and its citizens to wallow in abject poverty and unfortunate penury as well as decaying infrastructures.

Public office holders fight for their pockets and fulfil their own selfish desires leaving the country and its citizens to wallow in abject poverty and unfortunate penury as well as decaying infrastructures.

Early this year, a picture circulated online where we saw the Senate president, the president himself and one other governor taking pictures and celebrating with their kids that just graduated from an expensive and top notched tertiary institution in a foreign country(all animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others).

It was learnt of recent, that a Nigerian lady whose name is Folafoluwa Oginni gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University Ife(A university which has nothing worthy again but only dwelling in its past glories, and all thanks to our politicians with their selfish attitude towards the state of education in Nigeria) to study law but due to series of industrial action embarked upon by the university(ASUU), she was forced to leave and seek for admission in the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, where she graduated as the overall best student with a perfect CGPA and a perfect score of 360 out of 360.

The old politicians ruling us today enjoyed the full benefit and dividends of democracy while they were young, and this same set of politicians and leaders are robbing the youths of nowadays of their basic rights(quality education, employment opportunities, a better life).

As stated by Mr Daboh in 2009 when he was interviewed by National life Newspaper and when he was asked how he reacted to Atiku vying for the presidential post as at 2011, he said:… is an act of provocation for Atiku to even talk of contesting for 2011 presidency because Nigeria has a lot of worthy sons and Nigeria as a country cannot keep on recycling old hands, who had expired and who had proven that they are incapable of moving Nigeria to the next level.

He also said Nigeria has hundreds and thousands of capable and vibrant young men. There must be a generational change in the context of the Nigerian politics, he made it clear that our generation which has both Atiku and other old politicians has failed and we must give a new generation a chance.

Fast forward to 2017, we still have the same set of politicians running the affairs of this country.

And what they failed to understand is that their lackadaisical attitudes is not going to guarantee their own enjoyment on the long run.

They believe since they have all the power and financial backing to send their children off the shore of this country to go and read and graduate and then come back to the nation that is filled with the antics of those that were not catered for in the public schools back home in Nigeria. Nigeria has lots of raw talents if fully nurtured and harnessed.

Everyday we talk about the putrefied state of the country, some are happy while some are sad, the happy ones(the minority) are the one who get to eat part of the national cake through the legitimate and illegitimate means, while the sad ones are the ones who earn an honest living, and this comprises of majority of the population while the ones with the direct access to the cheese are just the minority.

Funds meant for the public are shared amongst this minority and even the relief funds from world governing bodies such as UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and so on. While they leave the country in a total mess. Reports on stolen funds here and there, the Senate Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariffs, headed by Hope Uzodinma, had claimed that a total of 282 vessels got missing at the various terminals of the NPA between 2010 and 2016.

We wake up everyday to read about different corruption cases, so many public funds being mismanaged and unaccounted for, and everything seems to be the normal Nigerian way.

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