‘National JJCs’


I was feeling on top of my game all geared up in my National Youth Service Corps kit. I flagged down an approaching taxi and on embarking, inquired about the transport fare. I was in haste so gave up on negotiating on the first adamant response from the driver.

I observed how every other passengers paid half the amount I was told without any sort of negotiation. I was tempted to argue with the driver on arriving my destination but fought the thought and yielded the amount we agreed on.

Prior to this, taking advantage of ‘JJC situations’  by hiking their prices on sensing the potential passenger’s naivety.

It was a rather shocking and unpleasant experience for me because I was used to a society where taxi drivers in particular had fixed rates for every destination and stuck to them regardless of the passenger. On further investigation, I discovered this was very rampant in the case of corps members.

It really got me thinking about the masses’ perception of corps members. It would seem a lot of people see corps members as white-collar high-earners or spoon-fed young adults. I find it really puzzling because the definition of national service seems to be lost on many.

The National Youth Service entails individuals who having gone through the fine-tuning that is formal education, giving back to the nation in the form of their time, energy and intellect for national growth and improvement. One would thus expect corps members to be revered by all as national heroes of some sort but that’s seldom the case.

On the contrary, a fellow corps member encountered a taxi driver who conveyed her and her friends without pay. I am glad for his brand of citizens, although they are not as many as they used to be.

I dream of a Nigeria where 0A
I dream of a Nigeria where National Youth Service Corps members are appreciated and encouraged in their servitude to our great nation.

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