International Youth Day  2017; Youth  building peace


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. We must continue to show love to ourselves”

I celebrate with other youths across the world and in particular Nigerian youths as we celebrate yet another international youth day;

For being fortunate to witness this year’s youth day provides yet another opportunity for us to show sober reflection on our daily activities that threatens our peaceful co- existence as a nation as this year celebration focuses on YOUTH BUILDING PEACE.

Youths, as important stakeholders and a major determinant of progress, development in any society; we must refrain ourselves from beating the drums of violence and also we must ensure we prevent ourselves from becoming too belligerent. “Nigeria is better together than being apart.”

Even though our nation’s unity is negotiable, we must know that in our diversity comes a great nation Nigeria; our grievances, pains, uncertainties, and agitations must be channeled in such a way that our unitary oneness will cease not to become a question begging for an answer.

All the erroneous impression fighting our minds and souls about our country’s unity, development and other areas affecting us must be cleared, then we can come together as one to figure out our common area of interest and pursue them legitimately and in accordance with the laid down rules.

The uncertainties in our minds, the tension bewildering our souls, insecurities, government negligence and some other factors are the ones that metamorphosis into the problems, challenges hovering around our country, threatening our peaceful coexistence.

The government at all levels going by this year international youth day theme; YOUTH BUILDING PEACE, must provide an enabling environment for we the youths to build a sustainable peace; government must be more responsive to our (YOUTH) agitations, concerns, and worries; government must assuage, placate and abate the citizenry by providing the leadership expected of them, ensuring that a Nigeria worth living is enabled.

Various youths groups who are the warmonger, propagator of hate-speeches and songs must know that without Nigeria been irenic, meaningful development is going to become a nightmare; “a community full of hatred to one another cannot develop”. As youths, we must be our brother’s keeper and must refuse to be a tool for destruction.


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