Forgive my unfaithfulness By Obinna Wisdom


Forgive my unfaithfulness;
My over privileged attitude
My sense of over-entitlement
Quickly forgetting the things
you’ve done for me.

From the sacrifices you made
To the pains you went through
The suffering,
The stigma,
To the times I turned
my back to you.

From hurting you over again
To stabbing you by your side;
Reopening the scars
Yet you still remained
Patiently guiding my path.

When I fall, you pick me up,
Dust me off,
Forsaking my ungratefulness;
You stayed by my side
To remind me
of your sufficient grace.

Your arms spread open
Inviting me to fellowship with you.
In your presence,
I find peace.
Left blinded by your grace
Your awesome grace.

Obinna Wisdom is a highly versatile and creative writer, he is a poet, composer and drama minister. for reasons known to him, he calls himself an angry writer.He is a Nigerian with a blend of cultures. A graduate of communication and performing arts from Bowen University. you can find him on instagram @obinna_chinedu

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