The field of thorns by Todimu Ogunade

Chapter one: The Journey Ahead

Enitan could not resist the desire that surged through her mind. The thought of loving someone whom she barely knew and who did not share her faith and belief sent chills down her spine. She had always kept her faith with utmost sobriety and would never compromise it for anything. What in the world was she thinking?” I’ve got to keep this in check” she thought to herself. Through the stillness of the night, she lay quiet in her room, eyes still and puzzled. Her body seemed rigid and motionless for her mind was far away. She wondered what aunt Clara would say if she heard about it.” I can’t let this happen” she said, eyes tight trying to erase the waging thoughts that clouded her mind. She thought about both of them together and it made her feel like a wench.” Help me Lord” she whispered”. I know this is wrong but I just can’t help it and my emotions fail me”. She heaved slowly and drifted her body against the wall, following the rhythmic thump of her body.

Quite an attractive lady she was. Her olive skin shuns through the dimness of the light that hovered across the hostel corridor. Her features were quite striking yet subtle. She was fondly called “Awelewa” by her friends. She ran her hands through her thick black hair that was neatly made into twists. Her large dark and imploring eyes were full of life. Enitan’s presence could not be ignored due to her intimidating height. At nineteen, she seemed so matured and fully grown…a beautiful lady she was.” Hush now Eni” she muttered drowsily to herself. Dreamworld was nigh.


“Oh no! It can’t be day break already” she said smudging her pillow against her sunlit face. She felt really grungy and nervous about everything…hours of draining lectures, bouts of endless presentations and the thought of crossing paths with him. She couldn’t imagine how the day would roll by for her and she felt an unusual wave of fear overwhelming her…she couldn’t comprehend it. As she sluggishly walked her way to the bathroom, she discovered that the tap wasn’t running. She would have to queue for water at the Senate Building. How on earth was she going to make it before 8:00 am? She only had half an hour left.” This is really draining” she muttered pensively


Victoria High School had a typical urban setting with its cosmopolitan structure. It seemed like the ideal school for the technocrats and working-class citizens. The bustling and chattering of undergraduates at the car park, lecture rooms and walkway was a constant reminder that Victoria High was for all and sundry. Walking silently through the walkway, Enitan could feel the penetrating gazes that followed her. Majority seemed to acknowledge her presence. The murmurings and gestures were obviously directed at her and she couldn’t keep her poise. Her timid nature had gotten a hold of her once again as she avoided the eye contact by looking down but her weakness gave her away.

“Eni!” a voice, deep and calm called from behind her. Turning towards the fellow, Enitan froze and her face turned pale, her heart skipping more than a bit and it seemed like she would pass out any moment


Watch out for episode 2…

Oluwatodimu Ogunade is a graduate of English Language from University of Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria. As an avid reader, her passion for creative writing and poetry can be drawn from a variety of non-fictional and fictional contents. You can visit her blog at Instagram @orlatoeni

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