Opinion: The elites are not happy


By Chibuzor Oshodi 

Seems Just like yesterday when the presidential vote and counting was aired live on national TV and Buhari was declared the winner by the former INEC national chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, I could remember quite vividly how joyful the citizens of this great country was, and its still fresh in the memory how a particular Minister from the Niger Delta region embarrassed himself on national TV (Elder Godsday Orubebe).

I could remember people giving Buhari all sorts of Eulogies such as; The new messiah, Mr No nonsense, greatest leader and Nigeria’s President of all time.

It came as a big surprise when people changed their tones barely 6 months into his tenure/administration. Then people started grumbling and his eulogies changed from the new messiah to Baba go slow, Negative change merchant and so on.

Then, people started grumbling and his eulogies changed from the new messiah to Baba go slow, Negative change merchant and so on.Reflecting on d current degraded state of the economy, as a result of the accumulated mismanagement and corrupt practices from past regimes, this led to lots of

Reflecting on the current degraded state of the economy, as a result of the accumulated mismanagement and corrupt practices from past regimes, this led to lots of criticism left, right and center, especially from people that expected miracle to happen overnight without the readiness to even analyze and understand how bad and ill-managed the economy has been right from the onset since our independence.

This new Sherriff has blocked all the illegal holes and channels through which people in public offices have been using to steal money, due to excess and lavish ways of past administration, people have lost their senses on how to survive on their main income and earn an honest living. Nobody is saying that there is no longer corruption in the system, but people with access to public funds are stealing with fear.

There is this saying that; A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad (Theodore Roosevelt).

We are quite familiar with the scrutiny and stiffness of the President towards corrupt practices, We read on the news every day how hard EFCC and ICPC has been waging war on different past public holders and different politicians, and we also hear how the EFCC has been losing different court cases against alleged corrupt politicians. It is safe to say that “that is the corruption/elites fighting back” right there.

Reading through history, my favourite story remains the Legendary Umaru Dikko saga, it could be recalled that on the 31st of December, Buhari took over the affairs of this country as a a military president. In a war being waged against corruption by Buhari back then saw so many government officials thrown in jail for various allegations of corruption and embezzlement. however, it can be recollected that the then transport minister fled to London after using his position as the transport minister to enrich his pocket in so many shady businesses.

It was gathered that in a plot to bring him back to Nigeria to face justice, nigerian intelligence service with the help of the Israeli intelligence service worked hand in hand and tracked Umaru Dikko to an apartment in West London, Where he was kidnapped and sedated and locked inside a large crate which was labeled “Diplomatic Baggage” and he was driven to Stansted airport to place him on a waiting Nigeria cargo plane.

But the organized crime and plan were futile due to a leak to the British intel and diplomatic issues, the British government didn’t allow the shipment of Umaru Dikko back to Nigeria and he wasn’t allowed to be taken away by the Nigerian intelligence service. Umaru Dikko remained in Britain for over a decade after the incident.

With the rate at which Buhari’s administration has been waging war against corruption in Nigeria and no single case of corruption has been brought up against him at least from his past still won’t cease to amaze me.

I could remember how many cars were reportedly driven into the bushes and well hidden when he won the presidential election. I wouldn’t want to start naming names but I witnessed lots of government officials from the previous regime going into panic mode at the hearing of Buhari winning the presidential election.

From time immemorial, public office holders have found a way to live above their income.
It is common sense to know that the elites that make their daily income from illegitimate sources wouldn’t want anything or anybody to come in between them and their businesses.
If Buhari had allowed the unshackled access to the Nigeria treasury, the turmoil in the country wouldn’t be as much as these, it would have been lesser. Since we have had this new sheriff in town everywhere has been quiet and people living above their means had been forced to live a life within their income.

I think the noble goal from any individual that wants a progressive inclination for this country is to support and have zero tolerance for corruption.

Something keeps baffling me though, what will eventually happen to the recovered loots? It was reported on the 27th of April 2017 in an announcement made by the EFCC acting chairman, that a total sum of N521,815,000.00, $53,272 747.00, £122,890.00, and €547,730.00 had been recovered so far from the looters with the help of the new whistleblowing policy, while we the citizens keep asking what the money will be used for and when will it be disbursed and used for capital projects.

Even if these recovered loots are kept and well protected, what will happen when Buhari gets to leave the office? Will there be continuity in the war being waged against corruption? Is Buhari not just accumulating/amassing more funds for the next presidential aspirant and public office holders to embezzle?

Fast forward to the recent occurrence stated of recent by Kemi Adeosun she said; so far this year joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) remitted 5billion naira to the consolidated revenue funds. The highest ever previously remitted was 3Million naira, with another 3 billion naira coming on the way, should we say that there was an increment in the number of candidates this year? What a big gap and a huge amount of money with no reasonable way to account for it.

The big question remains thus; will there be a continuous war against corruption after this Sheriff leave office, will there be continuity? Will all the seized funds be put to good and effective use to ensure the survival and growth of this nation? Will the recovered funds not be re-looted by next president? Hope he is not just recovering all these stolen funds so that the next office holder will be smiling to the bank?


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