Diary of an Ondo corper: The escape

By Todimu Ogunade

I was panic-stricken and fear had taken its toll on me. I could not scream for help. All I did was pray.

We finally alighted at a strange and deserted location which will always remain as fresh as the wind in my memory.

The buildings were quite old and cluttered up with their faded paintings. An older man, dressed in a white caftan emerged from one the houses. His gait was a scary and unfriendly one.

I stayed numb and helpless but my heart cried out for help. I needed to escape. I desperately needed to break away and be free but I didn’t know how to carry out my plan without paying a price. It was three against one so I prayed silently.

“Give us everything you have, or else, your life will be in danger” the man in white ordered as he beckoned to his accomplice, the one who was supposed to take me to my destination. I had no choice. It was pointless and futile to be defiant. I just had to oblige as long as I did not have to pay with my life, it was the only way.

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They collected my mobile phone, credit cards, laptop and the little money I had left. I cannot recall how long the whole scene played but I felt like I was there for eternity.

After the men rendered several bouts of incantation which seemed like forever, something really strange, that brought about a surprising twist to the event began to play out. One of them began to act weird and restless as he muttered to his partners in crime to let me go. Their plan finally came crashing. “Give her back everything we collected” the ring leader uttered with a wave of disappointment and frustration etched on his face. He turned away to depart without looking back. His aide looked confused as he scampered about to fetch my items. Eventually, they gave back all they took from me and told me to go.

I ran as far as my legs could carry me without looking back. I was a lucky and fortunate one. I narrowly escaped what would have changed the course of my destiny into an unfortunate one.Grace held me. I had learnt a very big lesson that would continue serve as a constant reminder of how valuable, precious and fragile life can be.

The memories still linger on and I am grateful for each passing moment…that I am able to tell my story.

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