Diary of an Ondo Corper: The journey so far….


I am pondering on how to pen down my experiences thus far in a strange yet familiar terrain called Ondo. I’m pondering not because I lack the words, but because the experiences keep flooding my mind and they seem endless. Few months seem like years and the journey has only began….

The desire to explore life and amble my way to freedom as a young lady with big dreams and goals, has always been a priority for me in life. so on a day like every other day,nothing unusual about the weather, my call up letter read “Ikare Akoko” in bold prints in Ondo state. I would finally hit the road on my own to freedom for the very first time in my life. It’s quite ironical that I felt so drawn to Ikare Akoko…probably because it’s my mother’s hometown.

Camp life was indeed regimented…well it had to be.It was a testing ground for endurance patience discipline and of course ,I had the opportunity of mingling with noble minds both great and small. Activities cutting across every discipline was pretty rife. Oh! before I forget,breakfast lunch and dinner was an “exception”. The light out, morning meditation and parade exercise were not excluded from camp life as well.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and living miles away from home as an Ondo corper has always set all my senses on their edges. Reality is staring me in the face.The freedom I had always lingered for has finally come. I have to make decisions on my own, which either make or mar the outcome of my decisions. My parents are no longer in the picture now. I wake up as early as I can to report at my place of primary assignment. There are times when I have to haggle down ludicrous prices with these seemingly ” nice” okada riders who will use the slightest opportunity to exploit you just because you are dressed in the “green khaki”.

The weather has always been epic especially the scorching heat. No wonder it’s called THE SUNSHINE STATE.

I currently work with SUNSHINE HERALD, an online media platform.I work with amazing people who relentlessly keep the platform at a steady pace. My lustrous teammates have been wonderful so far…Gbemisola, Lilian, Zode and all.Work has been on and it’s still on.Only time will tell how well and productive it will go in the long run….

I’ll definitely be back to unravel my daily experiences as they unfold when the time comes.

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