Diary of an Ondo Corper… My awful encounter with an okada rider


By Todimu Ogunade 

Truth be told, events have occurred that have left me wondering if I am deserving of God’s Love and Grace despite my many flaws yet I am glad I know better now.

The preceding years have been marked with countless testimonies but the hallmark of it all was an incident that occurred this year, precisely 15th of March, 2017. 

It was an experience that serves as a constant reminder of God’s protection.

This fateful day was a Wednesday afternoon after my CDS program which was held at the NYSC Federal Secretariat in Akure. 

Dressed in my usual khaki, I needed a quick ride back to my aunt’s residence at Danjuma, a popular and quite rowdy area along  Isinkan market junction.  

The heat was really scorching that day… I could feel the peppering heat as I wobbled to ease my burning toes that were submerged by my jungle boots. 

After two minutes of standing which seemed like hours,  I finally waved down an okada rider. 

A young chap he was, with tiny tribal marks on the cheeks. 

One of his tobacco-stained tooth was missing.  As he smiled sheepishly he asked in pidjin, “corper  where you dey go?” I replied, “Danjuma, akara  junction” while pointing to create a better description. 

Few seconds before we rode off, a young man, based on my observation, walked up to us saying he needed a ride.  

Very stalky and short he seemed in much distress. He presented himself as one who seemed lost and needed a description to a pharmacy where he could purchase some drugs for his dying mother who was hospitalized  in Owo town….hmmmmm,  stories that touch the heart.

Well! I fell for it.   

Although I was hesitant at first,  but after a little persuasion from the okada rider,  who assured me that it was just a stone throw from where I was heading, I eventually agreed.

On getting to Isinkan market junction where I was to alight, to my greatest surprise, the okada man took a different turn. 

Startled and scared, I enquired why he took a different route that obviously was unfamiliar to me. In a tone that was supposed to get me calm and unperturbed, “madame no worry” he responded.

He then assured me he would take me to my destination. 

At this point, I realised I was on a wrong ark different from Noah’s.

Something was obviously wrong and I was in trouble. 

I was trembling now and insisted on alighting but there was no response from both men.
To be continued…

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