If you crave longevity, embrace regular medical check-up


The essence of regular medical check-up cannot be over emphasised because it is the gateway to long life.

Everybody craves for longevity, but not everybody pays the price that will bring about long life. For any ambition any individual is pursuing, long life is an essential factor that cannot be toyed with.

It is a widely known fact that health is wealth, a submission which I strongly concur to. For any wealth to be enjoyed, good health is very sacrosanct. Sustenance of wealth also requires sound health.

In some extreme situations, some people wish they can exchange their wealth for good health which further approves the fact that health is indeed wealth.

One of the major reasons why medical check-up is key is the fact that it helps to detect ailment on time which increases the chances of surviving such diseases.

The story of the first lady of Ondo state, Mrs Betty Anyawu Akeredolu tells more about the dividends of taking care of one’s health. The Sunshine state’s first lady is a breast cancer survivor sequel to the early detection of the disease. She is still hale and hearty till date and helping others who are battling with the ailment.

Giving a more professional insight on the subject matter, the medical director of Olutunde Medical Centre in Akure, Dr. Olu Aladesuru opined that it is essentially important to check one’s body periodically.

The merits of periodic medical check-up as enumerated by the medical don are as follows:
• It makes early detection of ailment possible.
• Almost all ailments are treated better.
• It makes one live a better life.
• It enhances longevity.
• Makes room for elimination of diseases that can be passed on to generations.
• It makes economic sense as one wouldn’t spend recklessly if diseases are detected on time.
Speaking further, he noted that for a healthy individual, it is advisable for such individuals to do a check-up of their body system twice a year.

For other category of individuals or patients, Dr Aladesuru hinted that the arrangement depends on the advice of the Doctor.

The medical practitioner frowned at the fact that majority of Nigerians and most Africans have not imbibed the culture of periodic medical check-up.

Conclusively, If any individual is looking for a close friend to choose, periodic medical check-up should be one as it makes life less burdensome and interesting.

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